Behind The Scenes

I bet you wonder where we’ve been! Working on Formanti’s next single of course. How was it back then meeting again these talented guys? Behind the scenes, here they are… Miron Hauser (trombone), Janko Novoselić (drums), Luka Veselinović (bass guitar), Zvjezdan Ružić (piano & hammond organ) recording Street of Hope. Vojkan Jocić recorded the song in Zagreb and Branko Sterpin was also with us, I swear, but somehow we haven’t managed to take a photo of him. I guess it was because I was amazed by a warm and mellow sound of his trumpet.

12 years ago, I met Miron and Janko for the first time. Occasion: Summer Jazz Academy Grožnjan. I came as a member of the Vocal Quartet Elvisettes. The others were my closest friends and Elvis Stanić was our mentor/songwriter as he had been during our period in Putokazi) and Miron and Janko who were already members of HGM Jazz Orchestra. As soon as I got there one hot morning in July, I wanted to know all of it…when can we start, what songs should we perform, when and where we’re staging… so when I didn’t find out the information as quickly as I wanted, I called Elvis on phone, and he said to me: ”Relax, just relax”… and I did. I had to because I was there – in a small medieval town in central Istria.

groznjan 019
Elvisettes (Majda, Nataša, Valnea & Ana)

First of all, it was necessary to feel the moment of just being there, in that wonderful place with amazing energy. Still vibrant and colorful in my head. Closely built stone houses, cobblestoned alleys, non-stop working galleries, canvases and paintings exhibited by artists, vivid midnight atmosphere but serene. A historical fact that I’ve found out later on, was that the Grožnjan’s artistic revival began in 1965. when artists from all over the world inhabited the abandoned village, its small houses. As soon as they arrived, the air was filled with the power of artistic alchemy and life was about to begin once again.

So, as young music students we were also part of that magic. The magic of creating music, the magic of performing, the magic of exchanging experiences and just being ourselves. Boško Petrović was watching us with his warm eyes, throwing jokes, charming as he always was. And I’ve been thinking a lot of him lately since I’m creating and performing some music of my own. His life as a musician and teacher was a message to me, to all of us.

Performing at Balvan City of Grožnjan with Davor Dedić, Goran Rukavina, Janko Novoselić & Elvis Stanić

I admire that, and not only in musicians, I admire people who live and follow their dreams.








Miron Hauser
Zvjezdan Ružić Zwecky
Janko Novoselić & Zvjezdan Ružić Zwecky
Luka Veselinović & Janko Novoselić
Luka Veselinović

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